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PalaSkiMo Delicious: gastronomic excellence at the Ski Mountaineering World Cup Finals in Cortina d’Ampezzo

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At Col Gallina, there’s a cool tent where you will have the chance to taste amazing local gastronomic excellences while enjoying the races. PalaSkiMo Delicious comes from a teamwork between Fondazione Cortina, Cortina Delicious, and ISTA Ski Area.


Cortina d’Ampezzo, March 28, 2024 – From Saturday, April 6th, to Wednesday, April 10th, Cortina will host the Ski Mountaineering World Cup Finals, a super cool event that attracts sports fans and mountain lovers alike.
PalaSkimo Delicious is also an awesome chance to show off the amazing food and celebrate Cortina’s culinary tradition. At Col Gallina, in the finish area, you’ll find the PalaSkiMo Delicious every race day: a tent created through a strong partnership between Fondazione Cortina, who’s throwing the event, Cortina Delicious, and ISTA Ski Area.

With PalaSkiMo Delicious around, you can not only watch the ski mountaineering races but also have a mouthwatering gastronomic experience, which sounds like the perfect match for such an exciting sports event.
Teaming up with the best local suppliers, Cortina Delicious is taking high-altitude dining to the next level, serving up typical dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. This unique culinary offer is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, giving visitors a taste of Dolomites culinary culture while treating them to some awesome flavors and combos. Plus, beverage stars like Forst, Acqua Dolomia, Prosecco DOC, and Lavazza will be there to add their touch, ensuring a complete and unforgettable experience.

PalaSkiMo Delicious is also bringing the fun: every day, various artists will entertain the crowd with their tunes.
The real highlights are the “aprés-skimo” events on the first and last race days: on Saturday afternoon, get ready for the Tirolingstones, the South Tyrolean band famous for their funky twists on all sorts of music, from Elvis Presley to Jon Bon Jovi to Tyrolean yodels. On Wednesday PalaSkiMo Delicious is planning a huge party to celebrate the athletes and the end of the races.

We’re super excited to host the Ski Mountaineering World Cup Finals in Cortina and team up with Cortina Delicious and ISTA Ski Area to offer an awesome experience to both sports fans and foodies. PalaSkiMo Delicious will be a place where mountain vibes and culinary excellence come together perfectly,” says Stefano Longo, Chairman of Fondazione Cortina.

The Delicious Cortina consortium couldn’t miss out, bringing the culinary expertise of our mountain refuges and restaurants with the renowned delicious offerings. The Delicious Cortina team operates in an area known for its strong sports and gastronomic significance, and it’s no coincidence that we’re the organizers of the 8th edition of the Delicious Trail Dolomiti, happening this year on Saturday, September 28th,” sais Stefano Illing, Chairman of the Delicious Cortina Consortium and CEO of Lagazuoi SPA.

For Ista Spa, it is fundamental  to join forces and collaborate for the best organization of hospitality during the Cortina SkiMo Cup Finals, with the setup of PalaSkiMo Delicious next to the Col Gallina slopes. This partnership underscores our commitment to promoting the sports development of the area and enhancing the hospitality and unique identity of Cortina d’Ampezzo. By working together, we not only strengthen our bond with Fondazione Cortina, already consolidated through our collaboration for organizing the Ski World Cup on the Olympia delle Tofane, but we also further align with the Cortina Delicious Consortium, of which we’re proud members with the Col Gallina facilities. This synergy represents a significant step in our commitment to the area and its excellence, and we’re determined to ensure extraordinary hospitality during the event, offering an unforgettable experience for all ski enthusiasts visiting our mountains,” said Alberto Dimai, Chairman of Ista Spa.

PalaSkiMo Delicious will be open on Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th, Tuesday 8th, and Wednesday 9th from 10:30 am until late afternoon.