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Established in May 2022 and made operational in July of the same year, Fondazione Cortina is the organizing body for major sports events on the territory, as well as the regional operational arm for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games, strongly desired by the local authorities: the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Province of Belluno. A local organizing committee designed to organize and promote activities, events and any other initiative that fits the overall criteria of aiding the development and promotion of the entire Veneto Region.

The Fondazione has among its members, in addition to the three ordinary founding members, also three honorary founding members, i.e. local organizations in Cortina whose involvement intends to create synergy and aid collaboration in working towards common objectives: the Cortina Hoteliers’ Association, the Cableway Installation Consortium of Cortina, San Vito di Cadore and Auronzo/Misurina (Cortina SkiWorld) and Sci Club Cortina.

As required by its statute, the Fondazione has the following internal bodies:

  • the Institutional Committee;
  • the Steering Committee;
  • the Board of Directors;
  • the President of the Fondazione;
  • the Board of Auditors;
  • the General Manager.

Stefano Longo is appointed President and Michele Di Gallo is the General Manager.

fondazione cortina


Fondazione Cortina was created from the legacy of Fondazione Cortina 2021, the organizing committee of the 2021 Alpine Ski World Championships, which successfully delivered a major international event, on budget. The purpose of the Fondazione is the promotion and organization of activities, events, and any other initiatives related to developing and hosting sports and cultural events of national and international scope that contribute to the development and promotion of the territory, also with reference to the Alpine Ski World Cup events, and the Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

fondazione cortina


There are four key values that define the work and vision of Fondazione Cortina.


This word has a double meaning for Fondazione Cortina: involvement of the local territory and involvement of the fans. In fact, the Fondazione sees itself as an instrument at the service of the territory and its resources, facilitating collaboration in order to build the future of Cortina d’Ampezzo together.


Cortina wants to take a step forward towards inclusive hospitality, both infrastructurally and culturally, to be able to host anyone who wishes to visit the destination and the territory in the best possible way, offering services and experiences accessible to all.


The future belongs to the new generations, and young people are essential to high-level sport. Fondazione Cortina has grassroots sports at the very heart of its thinking and aims to support young promising athletes from the Veneto Region with concrete and tangible initiatives so that they can nurture their dreams of becoming future champions.


Fondazione Cortina received a great legacy from the 2021 Alpine Ski World Championships, and intends to build a solid and lasting presence in the area to ensure that major sports events are a driver for the economy and an added value for those who live in the mountain and in the Belluno Dolomites.