Non executive Sports Committees

From the very outset, Fondazione Cortina adopted Sports Committees dedicated to the various disciplines as a means of including local sports and social fabric in the organization of events, facilitate planning, and developing expertise.

Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge Committee

Representatives: Americo Angaran, Gianfranco Rezzadore, Diego Menardi, Sebastiano Dabalà, Raffl Hansjörg

Goals: The aim is to develop solid competencies in order to ensure that infrastructure investments, such as the renovation of the historic Eugenio Monti bobsleigh run, will benefit the local community. Once completed, facilities will be managed by a qualified team, ensuring return on investment both from a sporting and a business point of view.

Para Winter Sport Committee

Representatives: Orlando Maruggi, Angela Menardi, Luca Lacedelli, Stefano Pirro, Igor Ghedina

Goals: One of the most important and challenging issues for the Veneto Region is the topic of inclusion, both in terms of sport and tourism. The great sports event of 2026 must serve to build a cultural path to accommodate all visitors to Cortina in the best possible way, offering services and experiences for all, both sporting and non-sporting.

Curling Committee

Representatives: Edoardo Alfonsi, Massimo Antonelli, Giacomo Colli, Francesco De Zanna, Diana Gaspari, Adriano Lorenzi, Marco Mariani, Angela Menardi, Ivan Moglia, Dario Puppo, Alberto Zisa, e Alessandro Zisa.

GoalsGoals: To develop organizational and technical expertise as required for the Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games, building on Cortina’s solid tradition in this discipline; the experience of the committee members will be crucial to start recruiting the team that will organize the Olympic tournaments along with the 2024 and 2025 preparatory tournaments and test events. This group will also form the basis on which to build the post-Olympic legacy, with a view to strengthening the discipline in the area, both from a competitive and promotional point of view, including by pooling the planned infrastructure improvements in the area.